July 5, 2021

Dos and Do Nots of Choosing a Funeral Home

It is not always easy to decide on the provider of funerary services you want after the death of a loved one. It can be a good idea to remember that the company you choose can have a huge impact on the kind of services that you get for the […]
June 28, 2021
cremation services in Philadelphia, PA

Tips to Know if Your Child Should go to a Service

After the death of a loved one, it is never easy to know what can help a child who is struggling through that loss. It can be important to have a good idea of the kind of benefits that a service can offer for a child, but it is also […]
June 21, 2021
funeral homes in Philadelphia, PA

Great Ways of Honoring a Loved One

Having a loved one pass away can leave you feeling empty and unsure of how to get closure. One excellent way you can do this is by honoring the person in some way. There are lots of options and lots of things you can choose. If you want to start […]
June 14, 2021
cremation services in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

The Many Benefits of Cremation Services

If your loved one did not tell you what kind of funerary services they wanted after their death, you may not be sure what to choose. This is something that can be stressful and that can make it difficult for you to focus on coming to terms with the death […]
June 7, 2021
funeral homes in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Virtual Services and How to Attend Them

There are many things that have changed these past couple of years, and one of them is the kind of funeral and memorial services people choose. More and more people are opting for virtual services and this can be something that may be stressful for people who have never taken […]
May 25, 2021
cremation services in Gloucester City, NJ

Tips for Having a Virtual Service

Having a service for a loved one during these difficult times can be a challenge. There may be restrictions in place that prevent large groups of people from congregating and you may not be certain about the options that you have. One option is to have a virtual service. More […]
May 17, 2021
funeral homes in Gloucester City, NJ

Veteran Benefits and What to Know

If you have lost a loved one who served their country and who was a veteran, then you will want to know what funerary services they are entitled to. There are a number of benefits that a veteran can receive after their death, so do take the time to learn […]
May 10, 2021
cremation services in Philadelphia, PA

Are Cremation Services the Right Option?

Deciding on the kind of funerary services you want for your loved one can take time if they did not let you know what they would have preferred. If that is something that you are going through now and you are thinking about cremation services but you are not entirely […]